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7 Free Tools to Kick Start your SEO in 2024

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Premium tools for SEO have a very high demand, as they help to provide much in-depth data to analyse website performance and technical’s which indeed improves the overall health of your website.

But unlike other heavy websites with 100+ pages, small and medium websites can easily leverage the free part of the premium tools to complete the maximum of the basic required tasks.

There are more than thousands of free tools starting from image compressors to analysing every move of the competitors. There are tons of free tools available which may create confusion, but dont worry here’s a shortlisted list of most trusted and best SEO free tools you can use in 2024:

1. Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console- Scale Delight

As the name says, Google Search Console is provided by Google. It is the most trusted and accurate tool by far. GSC lists down some of the important SEO errors that have a direct impact on website performance. GSC helps to understand websites in terms of Search queries, Url Performance and Crawl patterns etc. So, if you have just started SEO, then begin with Google Search Console.

Costing: Free

Link: Google Search Console

2. Google Analytics (GA)

Google Analytics- Scale Delight


Another top tier tool from Google is Google Analytics. One of the most widely used tools in the world. To get more accurate and enhanced data GA can be synced with other google tools like GSC, Data Studio, G Tag Manager and Optimize. If configured perfectly, Google Analytics can really give you gems of data. GA provides you data as simple as total numbers of users with location, time, Average time spent, device and behaviour. Which can be useful for basic optimizations. Google has released the latest version of analytics viz G4 which can be a little confusing specially to users who use Universal Account. But here’s a guide to understand G4.

Costing: Free

Link: Google Analytics

3. Bing Webmaster

Bing webmaster - Scale Delight

As an SEO, it is really disappointing to see people in the industry completely ignoring Bing Webmaster. Bing Webmaster provides search analytics and full suite data of the website which is useful to further optimize the website for better performance.

Costing: Free

Link: Bing Webmaster

4. Data Studio

Data studio - Scale delight

Introduced by Google in 2016, Google Data Studio is an expert tool for converting data into informative completely customizable reports and live dashboards. Accurate insights can help inspire business decisions.

Costing: Free

Link: Google Data Studio

5. Google Keyword Planner

GKP - Scale Delight

Mainly built for Google Ads, Google Keyword planner is a very important tool for keyword research required for SEO. One of the best tools to pick out keywords for your website. It gives information on search volumes, competition and CTA. Although sometimes, it really can be a little tricky as its prime focus is for ads so make sure to use multiple tools to verify your research. To expand the research one can also use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest for keyword research and related data. But kindly note that Ubersuggest is free up to a limit.

Costing: Free

Link: Google Keyword Planner

Ubersuggest: Limited Free version available. 

Link: Ubersuggest

6. Screaming Frog

Screaming frog - Scale delight

It is one of the most prominent tools in SEO. Screaming frog provides tons of useful website insights. But it’s free version provides data up to 500 urls only. Unlike many screaming frog users, don’t forget to check Screaming Frog log analyser. Small websites can easily leverage Screaming Frog and Log analyser at their best.

Costing: Limited Free version available.

Link: Screaming Frog

Link: Screaming Frog Log analyser

7. Page Speed Insights (PSI)

PSI - Scale Delight

Page Speed Insights reports the performance of websites on both platforms viz Mobile and Desktop. PSI gives some of the most crucial metrics such as First Content Paint of the website, blocking time and fully loading time etc. Mainly focusing on technical SEO, PSI plays an important role as it helps to improve Core Web Vitals of the website and as per Google’s recent algorithm update core web vitals is also considered as a ranking factor.

Read Google: Positive Effects Of Page Experience Update After You Get Out Of Poor Area Of CWV

PSI also lists down areas of improvement which require a good amount of coding and website development knowledge. But yes, the efforts are totally worth it. For desktop one can also use lighthouse tool extension.

Costing: Free

Link: Page Speed Insights

Link: Lighthouse Tool Extension



There are plenty of free SEO tools on the internet but the above 7 will help you cover most of the important aspects of SEO. If you need any further help, our SEO experts will be more than happy to get in touch & guide you further.

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SEO - Scale Delight

7 Free Tools to Kick Start your SEO in 2024

Premium tools for SEO have a very high demand, as they help to provide much in-depth data to analyse website performance and technical’s which indeed

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