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The 4 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Best Digital Marketing Blogs

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It is of no denying that digital marketing has a significant impact on the online world, it has altered the way people perceive things and influenced them in a way that has led an evolution and guess what? It’s unstoppable. 

The fact that digital marketing is an ever- evolving process, it is imperative that beginners, learners or even digital marketing experts, keep up with this cutting-edge technology on a consistent basis because when it comes to the online world you never know it all and if you think you do, its not enough.

So, how do we grow and manage to stay relevant in this fast paced and influential space of digital marketing? Well, we do not know about others but this one thing for sure will help you ace your digital marketing game and we say it from personal experience and that is digital marketing blogs.

We know you already are aware of the tons of content out there in the form of blogs, but where all the difficulty lies & the situation becomes overwhelming is when the point of choosing arises, whether the source and content is credible, trustworthy and most importantly is it easy-to- understand and can it be applied into actions?
Hence, to make it all simplified for you we’ve got a list of 4 digital marketing blog sources that have significantly helped us mark our successful journey over the years and still keeps us going.

So, here it goes starting with our personal favourite-


Neil Patel

Neil Patel Blogs

If you are a true-blue digital marketing lover, we can vouch you haven’t missed out on the digital guru himself – Neil Patel

Whether you are a beginner who has just started into digital marketing or an expert trying to expand wings in the field, his blogs have got it all covered. From actionable insights to being informative and engaging, Neil Patel is no less from a learning institute and our personal favourite part of his blogs is that they are more than easy-to-understand.

With short and useful videos to keep you hooked and insightful info graphics in the blog, to the conclusion part which literally sums up all you’ve learned, you know you’ve grasped something that is quality. His content spans from basic keyword research, ON Page SEO, OFF Page Optimization, PPC, YouTube, Social Media among many other aspects.



Hubspot Blog

HubSpot is basically a marketing hub and an easy to access space, if you are into learning the many aspects of marketing this one’s for you.

From being most informative but also practical at the same time, HubSpot has a pool of credible and quality content. What adds to the goodness of their content is that they are easy-to-navigate, versatile in its offering and offers many FREE resources & tools that you get your hands on while experiencing their landscape. 



Kissmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics is again one of the tools co-founded by the digital guru Neil Patel, that offers data driven information and insights.

If you are someone who believes in data and metrics here’s your cue, each and every fact that Kissmetrics states is backed by numbers, metrics and logical reasoning. Whether you want to filter data driven facts over a marketing strategy or simply want an analytical insight, Kissmetrics highlights it all.



Wordstream Blog

Wordstream is a complete source that covers from a basic topic like keyword research to driving results from successful Facebook Marketing. Blogs at WordStream may be lengthy but are valuable and productive to the core.

Whether it is about enhancing your skills or adding up new ways to make your strategies or content relevant, you can always find an engaging & actionable blog at WordStream. 



We believe what you follow and read becomes an important part of your personality, it influences you and guides you make the right decisions. These 4 blog sources may not be the best but they definitely are engaging, informative & fun and if followed with sheer determination & conviction, it can help you build a thriving business.

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