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5 Steps to convert 20-30 dream customers in just 90 days

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What if I told you that there is a way of catching the eyeballs of your next 100 dream customers & even convert around 30% of them within just 3 months!

Yes,  I am going to talk about the dream 100 concept which I read in my latest read book ‘The Traffic Secrets’ by Russell Brunson. So here’s how you can apply the method to fill your funnel with quality leads & customers.

Step 1 (Day 1 – 15):

The first step would be to make a list of 100 companies/decision makers & catch hold of their profiles on LinkedIn (ideally) or some other social media platform. It’s difficult to figure out all 100 in one go so you can go slow & build it over time say 15 days.

Step 2 (Day 16 – 45):

Once you have figured out your dream 100, start interacting with your dream 100 in the comments section. You can start putting your thoughtful comments on their posts, appreciate their work, talk about their products & many more.

Start getting noticed in the eyes of your dream 100 without being too direct in approach & definitely don’t be selly in from of them. Don’t send them any template messages or any sales message till this point of time.

Step 3 (Day 46 – 60):

Try to use the service/product of your dream customers. Though, it’s not possible to use everyone’s service/products, try to notice something in the first 45 days which you can talk about in their inbox. It could be their products, their life activity, or something about their business.

Once you are sure, jump in their inbox maybe to give positive reviews about their business, products or maybe to discuss something that you have noticed. Your goal here is to put yourself in their conscious mind & win the ice breaker moment.

Even if you don’t receive their revert, you can extend the 15 days period of this step to 30 or even 45 days. But please remember not to be spammy or desperate in your approach.

Step 4 (Day 61 – 75):

In last 2 months, you have done enough to get the attention of your dream customer & broke the ice by jumping in their inbox. Now it’s time to give them something for free to give them a taste of your work.

In my case, it could be a free SEO audit or maybe couple of social media creative’s or something that can be of serious help to your dream 100. For this step, I would recommend that you do your proper homework & your pitch should be highly personalized even if you are offering something for free.

Step 5 (Day 76 – 90):

Now, since you have crossed all the stages of getting into the conscious mind of your dream 100, its time to ask for a meeting or to pitch your product/services.

At this stage 50% of your dream 100 might drop out of the funnel. But even if you get 50 people out of 100 till this last stage, chances are that you will end up converting at least 25-30 in just 3 months & the cycle keeps on going.


Go ahead and apply this method to fill your funnel with quality leads & customers. I would be very happy to have a feedback on how things worked for you or the improvements required in the steps of the funnel.

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