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5 tips to increase leads for your digital marketing agency

Increase leads for your digital marketing agency

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In my last blog, I guided youngsters on steps to start a digital marketing agency at a young age. But the real game starts when you have launched your agency. You will start facing many challenges, such as overcoming age barrier in front of clients, maintaining good quality of work with less resources but one of the major challenge that you will face is maintaining the flow of leads coming in your business.

Yes! I call it a major challenge because lots of digital marketing agencies shut down overnight because they don’t have a proper lead funnel for themselves. So I am writing this blog to help new agency owners with some tips to generate & maintain lead flow for their business.

1. Start Networking

Start Building Your Network at Young Age

This may not be the ultimate channel to generate leads but it’s very important for people who are starting out new. 5 years back, I got my first client ever in a networking event before trying 100 cold calls, 1000 cold emails.

The reason why networking is at the top of priority list is that at a young age or being a new agency owner the best way of convincing someone about your capability is meeting & speaking to them face to face. But it’s also important that you don’t hard sell while networking. Hard Sell never works out while networking hence it has to be an easy to go process.

2. Gather FREE Database

Gather Database of your prospects

Internet itself is a mine of database. When you are starting out young, it is very important for you to latch on to the free recourses.  Start gathering the list of companies around you on Google, you can even search for companies on LinkedIn, use Zomato to figure out new restaurants in town, use to look for new companies to target.

When you have built your database, you can use these databases to send personalized emails to them, do cold calls or even approach the decision makers of these companies on LinkedIn.

This strategy may test your patience in the short run, but when you are starting up this is a very good FREE strategy to get leads & closures.

3. Start using LinkedIn

Ujjwal Singh - Scale Delight Founder LinkedIn Profile

When I started up, I had no idea about how LinkedIn works. But later after 5 years, I must say that LinkedIn could have been a gold mine of genuine & highly convertible leads  had I started using it 5 years back.

But better late than never, me & my team are using LinkedIn marketing since last couple of years and it has given us some really good clients. Not only that, if you use LinkedIn in the right manner it can help you build some superb connections & grow your network tremendously.

Visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the given link to see how to optimize your profile & make sure to add me in your connection to connect further:

4. Start building your funnel

Build your Sales Funnel Image

Just like LinkedIn, this is also something that we started doing very late in our journey. But trust me, if you get this 1 thing right it can help you run & scale up your business at your will for many years to come.

Start working on your funnel strategies; figure out your lead magnet offer, your tripwire & how will you sell your core product. See how can you use profit maximizer & start building the list of the customers who will stay loyal to your brand.

You can go ahead & order the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson to understand the funnel marketing concept in deep & execute it to grow your digital marketing agency to the next level.

5. Collaboration is the Key

Collaborate to generate more leads for your business

One way of filling your pipeline with regular inquiries is by collaborating with the closest business category in your domain. For Ex. If you are a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, you should try to shake hands with the website development agencies in Mumbai or you can try to connect with branding agencies in Delhi.

True collaborations take time to nurture & might even take 6 months to 1 year before you actually start getting something out of it. Hence, patience in the long run & speed in the short run will be the key.

I hope that above strategies should help digital marketing agency owners find their way out to get more leads in their pipeline. If you think that I can be of any help, I will be more than happy to do so & we can connect on LinkedIn on given link:

If you haven’t read it yet, read by blog on how to convert 20-30 dream customers in just 90 days without spending any money.

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