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6 steps to start Digital Marketing Agency at young age

Picture of 6 steps to start a Digital Marketing Agency at a very young age

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Your 20’s are meant for hustling. While your friends are going out, partying; you can be growing your dream digital marketing agency and best time to start a business is in your 20’s to earn the early mover advantage.

I started my digital marketing agency Scale Delight at the age of 22 & three years later today we have a team of 12+ people & global clientele with some superb case studies which makes me feel proud of starting out young & doing all the struggles.

Based on my practical experience, I am listing down few steps to help youngsters start young and become successful in it.

1. Find your focus & stay true to it

Find your focus at young age

Most people underestimate the power of focus at a young age. Hence it is very important for youngsters to freeze their focus on digital marketing as an industry.

But one thing for sure, the focus & commitment doesn’t come overnight so it is very important for youngsters to expose themselves to various learning’s through courses, blogs, videos etc. to figure out actual interest and make sheer commitment.


2. Give away your weekend

Sacrifice Your Weekends to start digital marketing agency

If you are at an early age and especially in college, one thing is for sure that weekend time is going to be a gold mine for you. This could be the time when you expose yourself to learning’s, creating content, attending events & working on the strategy of your dream digital marketing agency

This will also require lots of mental strength & discipline since people around you will have different ideas of weekends which might include partying, boozing, relaxing etc. Hence it is very important to stay focused on your goals.


3. Start building your network

Start Building Your Network at Young Age

This is single most important point out of all the 6 steps even if you are not looking into entrepreneurship. Start meeting with as many entrepreneurs, agency owners as you can on a monthly basis.

Attend as many startup events, networking events as you can. Ask CEO’s, Founders for their 30 minutes of time. Spending time with people who have already walked your path will help you learn a lot from them & will make your journey easy.


4. Go ahead & launch it

Launch your Digital Marketing Agency at Young Age

Lots of planning with execution doesn’t land you anywhere. At an early age, there will be thousands of people questioning you for launching at such an early age. But if you are spot on with your preparations, learning’s then there is no looking back.

Many people might even advise you to get a job, learn from there & then go for business but from my personal experience there is no better learning than exposing yourself to the market & learn through the practical experiences.


5. Expose yourself to the market

Jump to the market when you start your business at young age

The first 5 meetings when you launch digital marketing agency at a young age is always going to be the toughest. I remember going to my 1st meeting and getting grilled like anything for not having any portfolio as a company. Does this downgrade your confidence?  YES! but if you are keep enough to learn, these critical opportunities will grow you as an agency owner & you will start tackling these problems at a very early age. 

Another important point to note is that you should start taking projects even if they are not making you great amount of money at an initial stage since showing results & building your agency portfolio should be at the top priority.


6. Have Patience

Be Patient when you start your business at young age

Bill Gates once said “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”.

If you are in your 20’s, it is very important that you focus at speed in the short run & patience in the long run. Specially if you are starting fresh after college, first couple of years will test your patience since there will be lots of ups & downs. It’s very clear that you will have to sacrifice earning money to bigger goals like building team, focusing on marketing & many other things. 

There might be a stage where you start doubting yourself, asking questions to yourself but remember if you are working hard enough day in day out everything will work out and make sense one day.

Read my blog on 5 Tips to increase lead flow for your new digital marketing agency which will surely give you a boost if you are starting your agency at young age.

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