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Ways to Stop Burning Your Google Ads Budget

Stop Burning Money on Google Ads

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According to a survey, over 25% of small businesses end up losing their money in buying the wrong clicks on PPC ads – Source: Wordstream.

As a PPC ads agency, we have on boarded tons of brands with a poor history of campaigns in Google ads dashboard that have been losing more than 50% of their budgets due to wrong keyword targeting, wrong keyword match types & many other factors. Taking inspiration from this, I am writing this blog to help you diagnose your Google ads campaign or discuss & get these steps executed by your Google advertising agency so that you can utilize your valuable money to get more good clicks & conversions from Google Ads.


Use Keyword match type correctly

This is one of the biggest factors why many Google Ad Campaigns leak money. It is highly recommended not to use broad match keywords in your campaign until & unless you really need to. But for that let’s first understand what a broad match keyword is?

Keyword Match Type in Google Ads

By setting a keyword to broad match type, you are opening the doors for Google to show your ad anytime a query is searched related to or containing a part of your keyword. This causes lots of unwanted clicks on your ad & your budget gets wasted on unwanted clicks.

But many times you may have to use broad match for keywords with less impressions hence in this case you can use Broad match modifier keywords. Again, what is a broad match modifier keyword?

Broad match modifier is a keyword type where you can put + sign on the terms that you want compulsorily in a search query for your ad to appear. For example +PPC +Agency in Mumbai, in this keyword I want my ad to appear only when the search term has both PPC & Agency in their search query. This way you can create the right balance between getting the right search on your landing page & getting good impressions for the keyword as well.

Apart from these you have “Phrase match” & {Exact Match} as well. Phrase match is a keyword match where you want a particular phrase to be mandatory in users search query & exact match is a type where you want to show the ads only to the users who exactly type your keyword in their search query.

Phrase match & exact match types should be used where the keywords have good search volume & these keyword matches deliver the best value for money for your PPC ads by bringing in maximum relevant clicks on your landing page.


Increase the quality score of your keywords

Quality Score for Google Ads

To understand this point let us first understand what a quality score is & what are the factors that determine the quality score?

Quality score is a score given by Google to all the keywords in the campaign based on 3 factors i.e. Ad relevance, Expected CTR & landing page experience. It is rated between 1-10 and the ideal quality score of a campaign should not be less than 7.

Now since we have a fair idea about quality score, let’s understand why it is important & how it can help us reduce our budget leakage in Google Ads?

Improving your quality score can maximize your ad budget & help you get better results with fewer ads spent. It also plays a good role in ranking your ads at the top even if you are not bidding a huge amount of money. Hence, it is very important to keep your quality score in check to get better results at a lesser amount spent.


Don’t aim for the top

Auction Insights for Google ads

What I am saying here might sound absurd, right? Don’t aim for the top. Whether it’s organic or paid marketing; you are always accustomed to advice that you have to rank at top. But trust me this isn’t always true for PPC ads and especially if you are having limited budget compared to the top competitors in your industry. 

Ranking at the top means that you are bidding too high on the keywords & you might end up buying too less clicks for too much money. Hence, it is more advisable to stay at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th position so that you can buy more relevant clicks for the same amount of money. Let’s say you are bidding 100 cents to buy 1 click for being at the top & you can buy 4 clicks for being at the 3rd position. The 2nd option is practically better since you are buying more relevant clicks, the chances of conversion goes high for your brand for the same amount of money spent. This will not just help you stop wasting budget but also increase the quantity of conversions from your campaign.


Check search terms for negative keywords

Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Once your ad campaign is live, it is very important to optimize different factors to further improve your campaign & checking search terms to understand the queries people put in their search box before entering your website is very important.

By checking your search terms on a daily basis, you can figure out the terms which are not related to your offering. It is highly recommended that you mark such terms as negative keywords so that Google won’t trigger your ad for this particular term ever again. This will help your ads deliver to a more optimized audience helping your campaign to optimize budget on more relevant searches.

Most often you can predict the negative terms for your business. For example, for Scale Delight terms like Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing PDF, Digital Marketing for Free could be possible search terms so you can figure them out & mark them as negative keywords even before starting the campaign.


Optimize your campaign for ad schedule, gender, location & ad copies

Ad Schedule for Google Ads

Last but not the least, the real show of PPC ads begins when we start getting lots of data from the campaigns. Many such data may be for the ad schedule, gender, location, ad copies, ad groups, device of the ad impression etc.

You can navigate to all these options by going to the Google ads menu on the left hand side. You can navigate to all these categories one by one & figure out the performance of your campaigns. 

For example you can go to the ad schedule & see at which particular time you ads perform the best. You can either reschedule your campaigns only for this duration or you can increase the bidding of your ads during the particular duration. Similarly, you can also decrease the bidding of your ads at duration when they are not performing the best. Doing these for all the given options will optimize your campaigns at a top notch level & ensure efficient investment of your money on Google ads.

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