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Why will Businesses Opt for Result Oriented Digital Marketing in 2022

Digital Marketing For Affective Business Growth

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Result oriented marketing is a concept which has been there since very long but with Covid 19 taking a toll on many businesses and specially small and medium enterprises, it has become very vital. Businesses now need to make sure that every penny spent on marketing is utilized & measurable which has made result oriented digital marketing more relevant & crucial post Covid 19.

But before we dig deep, let’s first understand what is result based marketing?

What is Result Based Digital Marketing?

Result Oriented Marketing- Scale Delight

Result oriented digital marketing can simply be defined as the marketing practices that bring direct results & they are highly measurable in nature. For instance; Google ads, Facebook ads that bring sales, conversions, leads etc. can be some good examples of result oriented digital marketing.

Why is Result Based Digital Marketing more important than ever?

Benefits Of Result Driven Marketing - Scale Delight

Covid 19 has impacted businesses all over the world be it small, medium or large size. If some healthcare experts are to be believed, Covid 19 is here to stay for long. Amid all these difficulties, the money spent on marketing becomes very crucial for businesses & hence companies all over the world have shifted their focus on getting the most result out of the money spent on any marketing activity.

Which are the Ideal Platforms to get the most Result out of your Digital Marketing Spend?

Digital Marketing - Scale Delight

Though, the ideal platforms cannot be generalized since most of the time it will depend on the product or service you are offering & will also depend on your target audience. But, out of all if one platform has to be selected, it is always going to be Google. Google is the king of showing crazy results if it can be used in the right manner. You can use Google for PPC Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Advertising or you can even  rank your website organically on Google i.e. SEO. The most profitable form of strategy in the short run could be PPC ads & in the long run could be SEO.

Another very important platform to run result oriented campaigns are Facebook / Instagram. Particularly, Instagram is growing leaps & bounds especially for the B2C segment. People are using instagram to grow their brand organically, engage with customers, set up Instagram shop & even sell through Instagram Ads.

Other important platforms that can be taken into consideration for result driven digital marketing are LinkedIn, Programmatic advertising platforms like Taboola, Google etc.

Benefits of Result Driven Digital Marketing

Benefits of DM - Scale Delight

It is trackable & measurable. Yes, the biggest benefit that can be listed down is that there will be returns to your amount spent. Whether it is making a sale, driving conversions or generating quality leads, you will be in charge of the campaigns & you will be able to track which platforms or campaigns are giving you results & which aren’t.

Another important benefit is that once you have run enough ads, the scalability of the campaigns becomes easy. You already know which platforms, campaigns are giving you top results & they can be scaled up ultimately pusing growth of your business.

What are Possible Disadvantages of Result Oriented Digital Marketing?

Disadvantages of digital marketing- Scale Delight

One big disadvantage that any result based campaign can lead to is wastage of money. Yes, any result driven digital campaign is going to involve money & if the person, agency handling these campaigns are not expert enough then it might turn out to be a disaster for the business running these campaigns since it means that business will end up burning lots of money without getting results out of it.

Why is Scale Delight among one of the Top Result Oriented Digital Marketing Agencies?

Right from day 1, our driving force has been to grow businesses through our services & we take our pride in having grown numbers of small & medium enterprises till date. 

Scale Delight has the case studies where we have helped many businesses survive & thrive purely on our digital marketing services & that’s the reason why we only offer very focussed result driven services like search engine optimization, paid advertising & social media.

If you are interested to know more about the mountains we have moved than you can ready our case studies here: Scale Delight Case Studies 

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