Scale Delight - Helped the Fintech startup cut down their CPL by whooping 300%

Built by a global team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, Globalise is a platform for you to build, manage your global wealth & buy International stocks from India. Globalise is committed to simplifying the process of investing overseas and providing clients the global resources they need to be financially successful.


The challenge with PPC was to re structure their entire account since the ads being run were highly unstructured & the strategies, keywords, ad copies etc. being used were ill targeted. Not just that, we had given client the milestone to up their ad rank by 20%, up their CTR by 2% & reduce their CPL by at least 30%. We also had the challenge to work on FB ads completely fresh.

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Our team restructured Globalise’s entire Google ad campaigns & account. Our team strategized & re-launched the campaigns fresh. Not just that, we did rigorous optimization & testing to make sure that we churn out the best result for the brand. For Facebook, we worked on ideal customer avatar for them which helped us figure out various audiences along with right communication for the brand.


We reduced the CPL by a whopping 300% against the original milestone of 30%. Reduction of CPL by a huge margin meant that we are providing the client 10x more results in the same budget. Not just that, we increased the CTR by 3.7% and helped them to achieve the top spot in terms of ad rank. For FB ads also we were able to achieve the same results & kept the CPL in check.

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