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House of makeup - a journey of seo from scratch to 50+ keywords on top pages in just 6 months

House of Makeup

House of Makeup is a premium cosmetic brand based in Mumbai, India. They are well known all over India for their premium, chemical free & non toxic lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes & more.


The website of the brand was brand new & hence it was a challenge for us to optimize the website from the scratch. It was also a challenge for us to complete a milestone of ranking at least 20 keywords in 3 months which was expertly achieved by our SEO agency.

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We went through a very detailed audit of the website & found many ON page aspects to improve on the website. Not only that, we also did a very detailed competitor research & came up with content strategies that gave a quick boost to the ranking of the keywords.


In just 6 months, we were able to rank 52 keywords of their keywords on top pages of Google search results. These keywords included many of the brand’s product & other competitive keywords. Ranking of the keywords also resulted in positive growth in traffic & House of Makeup was able to achieve immense growth in traffic on their website.

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