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Turn LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation source for your business with us. With our experience in LinkedIn marketing of over 4+ years, we have observed that the lead conversion rate of Linkedin is the highest among all the platforms.

Advertise on one of the most efficient network in existence with the right Linkedin marketing company

In a world drooling over Facebook advertisingInstagram marketing leverage the uniqueness of LinkedIn for maintaining healthy professional relations & generating quality leads.

One of the most valuable lead resources for B2B companies, a source that fetches almost 90% of leads. As per studies out of every five leads that a B2B company makes online, four of it come through LinkedIn marketing. With our LinkedIn marketing agency, your business will be able to generate & convert high quality leads on a regular basis.

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Bring your target audience closer to your business

What sets LinkedIn apart from platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram is the seriousness of the audience present on the platform. Unlike other platforms, people on LinkedIn are highly professional & uses the platform mostly to consume good quality content. A good LinkedIn marketing company should be able to create a winning strategy which will engage the audience & eventually generate good quality leads from LinkedIn.

Did you Know?
91 percent of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content
Did you Know?
About 45% of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level positions (Managers, VPs, Directors, C-level)
Did you Know?
The average visit duration on LinkedIn is 8.52 minutes
Did you Know?
Companies posting weekly see an engagement rise by 2x times on LinkedIn
Did you Know?
More than 50 million companies are listed on LinkedIn

Stand out from the crowd with targeted LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities are second to none, especially for B2B advertisers. From implementing a variety of social media marketing content in form of image, video or content that is ROI specific and delivering it through its dynamic ad formats which are sponsored content, text ads, or Sponsored in-mails. LinkedIn lets you connect with decision makers of the companies, filter your ads according to employee strength of the company, lets you target different industries, people with different interests & many more.

Get the best of ad spend with the best LinkedIn ads agency

LinkedIn marketing is a tool that every business must use to the best of its advantage, because who doesn’t want to make a mark amidst a pool of top notch professionals?  

At Scale Delight, our experts are well versed with this unique platform and have got the right set of resources required to make an impactful Linkedin marketing strategy. Starting from the very core of understanding your business & its goals, we craft campaigns that deliver results you aspire. We ensure that the world’s leading professionals who belong to your industry have their eyes on your brand, the unique content being produced and let that reflect in the soaring levels of engagement and leads.


Most frequent questions and answers

Budget for LinkedIn Marketing may vary according to organic or paid approach. You can start as small as taking premium membership or go as high as spending money to get your sponsored content to reach target audience.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for generating brand awareness & boosting the sales of B2B companies. It establishes credibility, builds meaningful network and connects you with brighter minds from the industry.

LinkedIn has genuine professional users who provide details that enable highly targeted ads which makes them comparatively expensive from other tools of advertising. Though your campaign expense primarily depends upon your targeting criteria and competition.

LinkedIn ad targeting works over a number of targeting options the platform provides such as:

Location, company name, company industry, company size, job title, job function, job seniority, member skills, member schools, degrees, fields of study, member groups – up to 100 active groups, member gender, member age & more.

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