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Stay ahead of your competitors with right google ads company

Tired of watching your competitors stay ahead of you? Now let them see you outrank them with well optimized google search ads. Search ads are the most common & preferred form of pay-per-click advertising commonly and formerly known as Google Adwords, these ads help you make it to the top and reach your audience before any of your competitors. Right Google advertising company will do a proper research of the competitors ads, their keywords, bidding strategy & many more to keep your ads at the top of the ranking.

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An investment that really gets you sales

65% of clicks on search ads are by searchers who have an intent to purchase. The scope of results with google search ads is matched to none, it reaches your target audience just in the moment they need you the most. Structuring your search ads with the right strategies & targeting helps you draw ready-to-buy customers. At Scale Delight, we have developed a reputation of being one of the top PPC company in Mumbai by growing our clients using google ads management services.

Did you Know?
41% of paid clicks go to the top 3 ads on the search results page
Did you Know?
17% of marketers use PPC ads for lead generation
Did you Know?
The top paid ad has an average CTR of 7.94% while the average CTR is 2%.
Did you Know?
Paid search makes up 39% of advertisers’ budgets on average
Did you Know?
Text ads are the most popular type of PPC ad with 49% of users clicking on them
Did you Know?
Search advertising on mobile is expected to reach $146B by 2023

Know your target audience closely

Understand your customers

Google search ads give an insight of your visitor’s real time. Every time a visitor clicks on your ad you have all access to the visitor’s intent which includes information like user location, time spent on your site, device used, which pages got the most love, and much more using Google analytics. Not just that Google ads also gives you data on which keyword brought the click, what search terms did the user typed before clicking your ad & many more.

Once you understand your visitors through analytics, with precise and razor sharp targeting your optimization of the campaign improves day by day. A good Google advertising company should be able to read all the data from the campaign & optimize the campaign based on the study to bring you the best result at the best ad spend possible.

An important digital marketing strategy

Google search ads gives your brand a platform to attract new customers that are most eligible. As per research, search ads elevates your brand awareness by at least 80%. But not just that if done in the right manner, Google ads can bring fortunes to your business.

What makes google search ads special?

Well, it’s the ability of delivering best results in the shortest span of time. Google ads are instant, measurable & highly-targeted. Digital marketing has various aspects to it and search ads prove to be the catalysts to boost your ROI.

We are a very few PPC company in Mumbai that don’t just run ads for the sake of bringing out results, your budget is equally an important aspect to us. By creating the right balance, we churn out strategies that ensure double the benefits on your investments & make sure that we use your budgets very efficiently.


Content is literally the king of a successful ON-page SEO campaign, it is what gives your user the reason to visit your website. Fresh and relevant content contributes to the credibility of your website. Content of high-quality and relevance that is well optimized for URLs, page titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions, page copy and multimedia assets, like images and videos is crucial.

Website Structuring

Website structure is crucial in order to deliver your customers a smooth and happy experience on your website. It includes facets like scrutinizing sitemaps, existence of the right number of pages to accommodate keywords in accurate frequency & density and the effective placement of keywords in different parts and pages of the website like URLs, Page title, Content headings & body Image and Alt attributes.

Technical SEO

The technicalities of your website include its and user-experience. Factors like bounce rates, load time, crawl errors along with other critical elements for a successful on-page campaigns are all fixed.

Why hire Scale Delight as your Google Advertising Company

As result oriented as may be, search ads success depends upon accurate strategies and razor-sharp targeting. At Scale Delight being one of the top Google ads company, we know how google search ads work and we can help your business stand out. Starting from understanding your goals and assessing your business, we build a strategy that is the essence of both your goals and your business.

Most frequent questions and answers

The cost of a successful PPC campaign varies from industry to industry & also from agency to agency. Though, a good PPC company in Mumbai should ideally charge anything around 15-20% of the ad budget as the service charge.

Google search ads help in increasing leads and customers based on actions that deliver quick results. It particularly focuses on the audience that is most likely to convert into a customer.

Google search ad  when executed with right Google advertising company is very much worth it. It not only delivers quick results but also has unlimited potential like showcasing real time analytics, helps you keep a leg up of your competitors and it is very ROI intended.

Digital marketing is a multi-facet industry, it takes not one but more techniques to promote different areas of your business. Google search ads combined with SEO boosts your business to prominence, organic rankings and traffic when executed by the right google ads company.

Google search ads are very beneficial for small businesses and it is possibly the most valuable mode of online advertisement. It promotes, elevates brand recognition and generates revenue.

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