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We believe that FB ads is all about finding the right audience for your business & scaling up the campaigns after finding one. Scale Delight's team runs tons of campaign on daily basis to help our clients achieve whooping ROI on their ad spends.

Stand out on the world’s largest social media network with the top facebook marketing company

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with the highest number of active users, it reaches about 2.32 billion active users per month and is only increasing everyday which ultimately makes Facebook advertising one of the key aspects of marking a credible spot on the platform.

Right from elevating brand awareness, lead generation and revenue, Facebook advertising is one solution to all.

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Incorporate the most essential component to your digital marketing strategy

Whether your brand falls in a B2C category or B2B, Facebook advertising is for all.

Facebook is the most effective advertising investment you can make along with it being an inexpensive way to reach the widest range of audience.

A perfect combination of quality content, creative design, target demographic, and budget ensures that your brand reaches customers with a high conversion rate. It requires a good Facebook ad agency to understand your brand & find the winning audience to increase your ROI from the campaigns.

Did you Know?
75% of high-income earners use Facebook
Did you Know?
India is ranked first in terms of Facebook audience size with 310 million users
Did you Know?
Facebook users spend 58 minutes per day on Facebook
Did you Know?
The optimal video length on Facebook for better engagement is between 2 - 5 minutes
Did you Know?
The total number of Facebook's mobile active users is 2.68 billion

Leverage the versatility of Facebook with the top Facebook advertising agency

Test the creative's that work for you

Facebook offers quite a flexible space for advertising, from designing to deciding how your ad looks you can have it all under control. With the extensive range of ad formats, you can choose which of it fits perfectly to your objective. Create images, carousel (slideshow), videos & collection to generate quality leads for your business. Similarly, these creative types also help you understand that which format work for your business & further you can scale up the right format of the ads.

Mark your credibility with content that matters

Like they say “Content is King”, in terms of Facebook advertising it really is. With proper content that aligns with your brand message and tone that adds to its effectiveness is an essential to a successful Facebook advertising. Strong ad copies that grab customers attention in seconds and compel them to click on your ads is must while advertising on Facebook.

Scale Delight being one of the top Facebook marketing company, we make sure that the content & ad copies are top notch to achieve the best result for our client.

Conversion tracking & analytics

Facebook can track all the information through the actions your audience takes and convert it into an ideal data which you can use to learn more about your audience. You can track everything from a micro conversion to a sale and further tweak your ad for it to perform at its best. A right Facebook advertising agency can track various other metrics like age, gender, platforms, device & many other different analytics from the ads to help them optimize in a better way.


Content is literally the king of a successful ON-page SEO campaign, it is what gives your user the reason to visit your website. Fresh and relevant content contributes to the credibility of your website. Content of high-quality and relevance that is well optimized for URLs, page titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions, page copy and multimedia assets, like images and videos is crucial.

Website Structuring

Website structure is crucial in order to deliver your customers a smooth and happy experience on your website. It includes facets like scrutinizing sitemaps, existence of the right number of pages to accommodate keywords in accurate frequency & density and the effective placement of keywords in different parts and pages of the website like URLs, Page title, Content headings & body Image and Alt attributes.

Technical SEO

The technicalities of your website include its and user-experience. Factors like bounce rates, load time, crawl errors along with other critical elements for a successful on-page campaigns are all fixed.

Why hire scale delight as your Facebook marketing company in mumbai

Scale Delight creates strategic solutions that are effective, while Facebook advertising may seem easy and interesting in words the deeper you dig its complexity starts to reflect. We create, target, and monitor each process to ensure your objectives and needs are met every step on the way. From developing the right content, creative design, target audience and setting suitable budgets, we also involve A/B testing to figure out what works best for your brand.


Most frequent questions and answers

Average budget for Facebook ads is a very dependent figure & depends on the goal to be achieved. Ideally, the minimum advertising budget should be at least Rs. 30,000 / month to start seeing the results.

Facebook is one of the most important aspect of our social media services. Facebook is one the largest advertising platform in the world with global active monthly users reaching 2.32 billion and 1.52 billion daily active users as of 2019. It offers a wide reach, a minimal ad spend and a lot of benefits like brand awareness, customer loyalty & increased conversions which makes it truly worth it in the short and long run.

Facebook ad format is chosen on the basis of your brand goals. Facebook ad formats include Single image ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, catalog ads and many more.

The longevity of your Facebook ads depends on its performance. It your ad is delivering a good return on your investment you can run it as long as you like if not you can make relevant changes considering the analytics.

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