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Targeted ads displayed on Google search results, driving traffic and conversions for businesses.


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We craft laser-focused ad campaigns to ignite brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads.


We target the right audience to generate brand awareness, increase engagement, and achieve your business goals.


Data-driven marketing strategies focused on measurable results to drive growth and achieve business objectives

Our Paid Ads Roadmap

01.  Project Brief

01. Project Brief

Understand client goals, target audience, and KPIs to tailor strategies for success.

02.  Competitor Research

02. Competitor Research

Analyze competitor tactics, strengths, and weaknesses to inform a competitive advantage.

03.  Research & Strategy Planning

03. Research & Strategy Planning

Dive deep into market trends and audience insights to craft effective campaign strategies.

04.  Ad Preparation

04. Ad Preparation

Develop compelling ad creatives and messaging aligned with campaign objectives and target audience.

05.  Data Analysis

05. Data Analysis

 Monitor campaign performance metrics to extract insights and inform optimization strategies.

06.  Ad Optimization

06. Ad Optimization

Continuously refine ad elements, targeting parameters, and bidding strategies for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

07.  Campaigns Scale Up

07. Campaigns Scale Up

Expand successful campaigns by increasing budget, testing new audience segments, and exploring additional ad formats.

Not Your Average PPC Agency!

Welcome to a PPC agency that breaks the mold! At our agency, we’re all about efficiency and results, plain and simple. With a remarkable client retention rate of 93% in PPC, it’s clear that we deliver on our promises. But for the remaining 7%, we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time or resources on strategies that aren’t working. Our approach is straightforward: we focus on what drives success. Through our case studies, we’ve demonstrated time and again our ability to transform struggling businesses into success stories and help thriving businesses expand into multiple locations.

Our Core Pillars of PPC

Attractive Landing Pages

Attractive Landing Pages

Multiple Landing Page Testing

Multiple Landing Page Testing

Attractive Ad Copes

Attractive Ad Copes

Ad & Copy Optimization

Ad & Copy Optimization

Thorough Keyword Research

Thorough Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

User Journey Analysis

User Journey Analysis

Daily Campaign Optimisation

Daily Campaign Optimisation

Audience Research

Audience Research

Creative Testing

Creative Testing

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting Campaigns

Questions & Answers

Some of the common Curiosities

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How soon can I see results with PPC?

It takes at most 7-10 days for PPC to start showing results. Though, the campaign optimization may take & improving campaign is a never ending process but you will start seeing results right from the 1st week.

How to choose the best PPC agency for my business?

You can ask the PPC agency to pull a detailed audit of your Google ads dashboard, the detailing of work done on the audit will show you the expertise & seriousness of the agency. You can also ask the respective agency to share few of their case studies to get better idea. Not just that, you can also do some research of the agency by checking their Google my Business ratings & reviews.

What is your average project retention duration for PPC?

Our average project retention duration for PPC is 22 months. We also have many projects where we been working with clients from over 40 months now.

How much does your PPC package starts from?

We generally work with clients having at least Rs. 2 lacs per month as their ad budget. Our service package for PPC starts from Rs. 30,000 per month & goes in lakhs depending on the volume of the ad budget.

Transforming Intent into Tangible Revenue Growth

At our PPC agency, we specialize in more than just generating clicks; we’re dedicated to transforming intent into concrete revenue growth for our clients. By meticulously analyzing user behavior and harnessing the power of targeted advertising strategies, we ensure that every click translates into measurable returns. Our focus is on delivering tangible results that directly impact the bottom line, driving sustained growth and success for our clients’ businesses. With our expertise and commitment to performance-driven campaigns, we turn mere intent into substantial revenue growth that propels businesses forward.

Beyond Agency Client Partnership

At our agency, it’s not simply about running ads; it’s about shouldering the responsibility for our clients’ business growth. Our PPC experts go beyond the surface, delving deep into understanding the intricacies of each client’s business. We forge a close partnership with their sales team, aligning our strategies with their objectives to drive holistic business growth. It’s this dedication to understanding and nurturing the entire business ecosystem that sets us apart. Our clients don’t just rely on us; they trust us as indispensable partners in their journey towards success.

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