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At Scale Delight, we’re not just a digital marketing agency; we’re a team of spirited young individuals driven by a deep passion for business transformation.

Our approach is rooted in performance, backed by a wealth of experience garnered from running countless successful social media campaigns, securing top rankings for thousands of keywords on Google’s first page, and generating substantial growth and revenues for a diverse range of brands.

Our agency isn’t just defined by our services; it’s defined by our people. We’re more than just professionals; we’re the soul of Mumbai, where creativity meets strategy, and dreams take flight.

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Result oriented SEO services to turn your website into a customer generating machine.


Highly engaging & creative social media campaigns to catch customers attention.


ROI driven PPC campaigns to propel your business to the next level.


Websites with the X factor of SEO Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization.

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Do you have the right mix of digital and chill?



Do you have the right mix of digital and chill?

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"Scale Delight is Defined By Its People"

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Meet Our Leaders

Meet The Visionaries Behind Your Success

Our Leaders

Ujjwal Singh


Ujjwal is the growth engine of Scale Delight. When he's not strategizing about crushing marketing goals, You'll find Ujjwal cheering on Messi and Barcelona with Ashutosh like they're part of the team (spoiler alert: they're not).
Weekends are for conquering new landscapes, whether it's a cross-country bike ride or exploring a hidden gem of a city. Ujjwal brings a unique blend of data-driven smarts, unwavering optimism, and a touch of wanderlust to everything he does. Just don't challenge him to a Messi trivia night – you'll lose.

Ali Rizvi

SEO Head

Ali isn't your average SEO guru. Sure, his bio might be a keyword buffet, but trust us, he'll have you ranking on Google's front page faster than you can say "search engine optimization." Curiosity runs through his veins like high-octane SEO juice.
Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you – Ali's leadership skills are as sharp as his SEO insights. A die-hard CR7 fan, he's always ready to ignite a friendly Messi vs. Ronaldo debate because, well, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Ashutosh Chavan

Head of Media Buying & Social Media

Ashutosh? He's the living symbol of "get things done!" at Scale Delight. PPC ads course through his veins like the finest Barca chants. Football match days with Ujjwal are fueled by a shared passion for Messi and FC Barcelona.
When work's done, Ashutosh isn't shy about unleashing his inner prankster – consider yourself warned! But don't be fooled by the jokes, this dessert-loving machine (seriously, three scoops of ice cream, anyone?) also possesses a laser focus when it comes to crafting killer PPC campaigns.

Pranay Byndoor

Head of Business Growth (Mumbai)

Pranay: The "Can-Do" Connoisseur of Scale Delight. Deadlines looming? Crisis brewing? Don't worry, Pranay's got your back. This master of follow-ups has sales coursing through his veins, and solving complex situations is like second nature to him.
Just don't be surprised if he disappears at 11:30 pm sharp - that's his personal cue for a late-night biriyani adventure. After all, a happy Pranay is a highly effective Pranay, and sometimes the best solutions are fueled by deliciousness.

Hrishikesh Mishra

Head of Business Growth (Bangalore)

Hrishikesh? The client whisperer. He has an uncanny ability to turn prospects into loyal partners at Scale Delight. Numbers are his game, and conversion rates are his trophies.
You'll find him sporting his CR7 jersey, ready to ignite a Messi vs Ronaldo debate with Ujjwal and Ashu (poor Ali gets dragged into the fiery fandom every time). Need a VIP pass to the hottest club in town? Hrishikesh is your man. Just be prepared to answer endless questions about the "real" football GOAT.

Jay Palkar

Head of Business Growth (Mumbai)

Jay’s technical skills are sharper than a freshly sharpened chai spoon. When he's not mentoring the team and untangling coding nightmares, you can find him whipping up delicious home-cooked Marathi feasts on weekends – be warned, one bite and you'll be booking a flight to Maharashtra yourself.
Speaking of Maharashtra, Jay has a deep love for exploring its hidden gems, especially the architectural wonders. But don't get him started on cricket unless you're ready to hear odes to Virat Kohli.

Questions & Answers

Some of the common Curiosities

Didn’t find your answer here? Just send us a message and we’ll help in no time.

How soon can I start seeing result from digital marketing?

The tenure to see result from digital marketing depends on the strategy being employed. In many cases, you can start seeing result from day 1 if you are doing paid advertisements or it can even take up to months to see results from services like SEO & social media marketing.

How much does your digital marketing package start from?

Our digital marketing packages are highly customizable & we put forward a very detailed research before suggesting strategies to the clients. Though, a basic minimum agency fees of Rs. 30,000 per month is required to avail digital marketing service from Scale Delight.

How to choose the best digital marketing business for my business?

You can ask the digital marketing agency to pull a detailed audit of your brand presence online, the detailing of work done on the audit will show you the expertise & seriousness of the agency. You can also ask the respective agency to share few of their case studies to get better idea. Not just that, you can also do some research of the agency by checking their Google my Business ratings & reviews.

Do you sign an agreement for the work?

Yes! Scale Delight being an ethical digital marketing agency, we make sure that we sign agreement & NDA’s before starting any project.