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Confusing Website Structure Hurting Your Rankings?

Search engines like Google love websites that are easy to understand. If your website structure is complex and confusing, it can hurt your rankings.  Our technical SEO expertise optimizes your website for clarity, making it easier for search engines (and people!) to find what they’re looking for, boosting your visibility.

Our technical seo services agency provides

01.  Crawl Budget Optimization

01. Crawl Budget Optimization

Analyze your website’s crawl budget and identify areas for improvement. This may involve fixing broken links, removing duplicate content, and ensuring proper use of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

02.  Technical SEO Audit

02. Technical SEO Audit

Conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit to identify any technical issues that could be hindering search engine crawling and indexing. This may include issues like server response time, mobile-friendliness,and structured data implementation.

03.  Mobile-First Indexing

03. Mobile-First Indexing

Ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices, as Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites for indexing.

04.  Website Speed Optimization

04. Website Speed Optimization

Improve website loading speed by optimizing images, compressing code, and leveraging caching mechanisms. Faster loading times enhance user experience and improve search engine ranking.

05.  Schema Markup Implementation

05. Schema Markup Implementation

Implement schema markup to provide search engines with richer information about your website content, potentially leading to richer snippets and improved click-through rates.

06.  Internal Linking Strategy

06. Internal Linking Strategy

Develop a well-structured internal linking strategy to guide search engines and users through your website’s content and improve overall website navigation.

07.  Technical SEO Updates

07. Technical SEO Updates

Stay updated with the latest technical SEO best practices and algorithm changes to maintain optimal website health.

08.  Performance Reporting & Analysis

08. Performance Reporting & Analysis

Track your website’s technical SEO performance through analytics tools and generate reports to identify areas for ongoing improvement.

OUR CORE PILLARS OF technical seo services

Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization



Crawlability and Indexability

Crawlability and Indexability

Site Structure and Navigation

Site Structure and Navigation

URL Structure Optimization

URL Structure Optimization

HTTPS and Security

HTTPS and Security

Schema Markup

Schema Markup

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Build a Strong Foundation for Higher Rankings With Scale Delight

Strong Foundations, Bigger Results

Questions & Answers

Some of the common Curiosities

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What is Technical SEO and why is it important?

Technical SEO focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of your website that search engines use to find, crawl, and understand your content. A well-optimized website with strong technical SEO is more likely to rank higher in search results, leading to increased organic traffic and improved user experience.

What are some common technical SEO issues?

Common technical SEO issues include slow loading times, mobile-friendliness problems, crawl errors due to broken links or improper robots.txt configuration, and lack of structured data markup.

How can a Technical SEO service benefit my website?

Our Technical SEO service can help you:

  • Improve website crawlability and indexing: Ensure search engines can easily access and understand your website’s content.
  • Enhance website speed and performance: Faster loading times improve user experience and potentially boost search ranking.
  • Optimize website content structure: Implement internal linking strategies and schema markup for better content organization and search engine understanding.
  • Identify and fix technical SEO errors: Regular audits can uncover issues hindering your website’s search engine visibility.
What's included in your Technical SEO service?

Our Technical SEO service typically includes:

  • Technical SEO audit and analysis: Identify areas for improvement and create a customized optimization plan.
  • Mobile-friendliness optimization: Ensure your website functions flawlessly on all devices.
  • Website speed optimization: Implement strategies to improve website loading times.
  • Schema markup implementation: Help search engines understand your content better.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance: Track website health and address any emerging technical SEO issues.

From Errors to Excellence: We Polishes Your Website to Perfection

Minor technical errors on your website can add up to a big headache for you and your visitors. We are website superheroes who can fix any technical errors and glitches that might be holding you back. The result? A website that shines and performs flawlessly. 

Avoid Search Engine Penalties: Technical SEO Ensures Compliance & Visibility

Did you know search engines can penalize websites with technical issues? Don’t risk getting buried in search results! Our technical SEO ensures your website adheres to all the latest guidelines, keeping you in good standing with search engines and maximizing your visibility.

Fix Indexing Issues & Get Found Faster with Technical SEO

If search engines can’t see your website, nobody can find you! We use our special skills to make sure your website is properly indexed, so you get discovered by all the right people.

Faster Website, Happy Visitors, Happy You!

We hate slow websites as much as you do! Our technical SEO expertise focuses on optimizing your website for speed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors. Happy visitors translate to better engagement and ultimately, better results for your business.

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