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According to a study, 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery. A good Instagram marketing company will make sure that the strategy for the platform is spot on to give massive boost to your brands image & engagement.

Highlight worthy success on Instagram with us - top instagram marketing company

With 500 million daily active users and a user base of 849.3 billion, there’s no doubt that Instagram is worth every bit of attention that you must pay as a brand.

Over the years it has transformed into an effective marketing tool that is pivotal for growth of a brand considering its booming popularity in the digital space. Our team at Scale Delight makes sure that we are developing a very effective strategy for Instagram to help the brands grab right engagement on the platform.

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Not just a platform to browse stunning images

Looking back at the time when Instagram was merely a platform that people kept browsing through in search of aesthetic & fascinating images, it is now in addition to that is an efficacious tool that can drive web traffic, build brand credibility, generate inquiries, drive sales & generate high ROI on your advertising spend.

A good Instagram ad agency should be able to use Instagram to it’s full potential & when done so it can turn out to be a money making machine for your business.

Did you Know?
The 18–24 year old age group is the largest of the demographics
Did you Know?
59% of the content on Instagram are photo posts
Did you Know?
Photos with faces perform almost 40% better than without faces
Did you Know?
50% Instagram users are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on Instagram

A creative eye & effective insight

Grow your customer base

Instagram now has amazing features that offer direct call to action on the platform itself. you can create a catalog for your products and tag them for it to be sold, directly register for events, webinars and more. To get the best out of these features and the entire concept of Instagram ads, it is very important to have a very well put advertisement that has blend of insights and creativity in order to drive new leads,sales and grow your customer base. A good Instagram advertisement company should be able to draw a winning campaign for your brand.

Interactive Instagram campaigns that make sales

Alongside engaging content and enticing design, it is crucial for a successful Instagram ad campaign to reach out to the audience who really want to know about your brand and need your product and services. By determining factors such as location, interests, demographics, behaviours; you can convert people who are no stranger to your business into prospective customers & generate high returns on your investment.


Content is literally the king of a successful ON-page SEO campaign, it is what gives your user the reason to visit your website. Fresh and relevant content contributes to the credibility of your website. Content of high-quality and relevance that is well optimized for URLs, page titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions, page copy and multimedia assets, like images and videos is crucial.

Website Structuring

Website structure is crucial in order to deliver your customers a smooth and happy experience on your website. It includes facets like scrutinizing sitemaps, existence of the right number of pages to accommodate keywords in accurate frequency & density and the effective placement of keywords in different parts and pages of the website like URLs, Page title, Content headings & body Image and Alt attributes.

Technical SEO

The technicalities of your website include its and user-experience. Factors like bounce rates, load time, crawl errors along with other critical elements for a successful on-page campaigns are all fixed.

why hire scale delight as your Instagram ad agency to leverage the effectiveness of Instagram ads

With algorithms changing often on both Instagram and Facebook, it is imperative to stay updated and in tune with the latest trends and master it all with continual training to deliver best results for your investment on Instagram ads. Our team of digital marketing consultants are well-versed with the unique touch that Instagram advertisement needs to gain an advantage for your brand. Being one of the top Instagram ad agencies, we understand the concept of building a customer base that is truly dedicated towards your brand, the idea is not to attract the attention of billions but the ones who are truly your customers & will convert by unfolding the best features of Instagram ads.

Most frequent questions and answers

There is no fixed cost for running successful Instagram ads. It varies based on the goals of the brand & the volumes that needs to be achieved.

Developing effective strategies for successful Instagram advertising needs a complete update of trends and understanding of how the platform works. Dedicating enough time, abundant knowledge of running successful ads and optimizing for better results & inculcating potential strategies are cornerstones to successful Instagram campaigns which is most ideal to be found from an expert Instagram marketing agency.

Instagram ads may not be very diverse in nature but for some industries they work really well & if done right, it can bring massive results.

Objective of Instagram ads depends upon your industry and brand goals. You could choose from brand awareness, increased conversions or sales, website traffic, store visits, catalogue sales or engagement.

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