How We aerpace reach their viral campaign to 3Cr+ audience

The Challenge

 We faced a unique challenge in promoting drone travel – a revolutionary concept – to a vast audience across various social media platforms. The challenge was to create platform-specific content while maintaining a consistent message that educates and excites potential drone passengers about this groundbreaking new mode of transportation.

The Solution

We conducted in-depth research across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network, Google Search, and LinkedIn. This research allowed us to tailor content specific to each platform’s audience.

The Result

Within just 6 months, our strategic SEO efforts propelled ChitraGeek’s website to the top of Google’s search results. Over 90 keywords now rank on the first page, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach. This remarkable achievement translated into a 3x increase in company revenue, fueled by a steady flow of 200+ organic inquiries per month. ChitraGeek’s journey is a powerful example of how effective SEO can transform a brand from its inception, driving tangible business growth.


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