Slashed Down CPL by 230% for Maverick Aviation

The Challenge

Maverick Aviation faced a double-edged sword: high cost-per-lead (CPL) on Google Ads and the need to maintain a steady stream of qualified leads. Their current campaigns were delivering leads, but at an unsustainable cost. Striking a balance between reducing CPL, maintaining lead flow, and ensuring lead quality was crucial. They needed a strategic approach to optimize their campaigns for efficient lead generation without sacrificing quality.

The Solution

For Maverick Aviation, we tackled their high CPL challenge with a multi-pronged approach. First, we optimized their landing page. This involved restructuring the layout, crafting compelling copy that resonated with their target audience, and implementing clear calls to action (CTAs) that drove conversions.

Next, we revamped their Google Ads campaign structure. We meticulously reviewed and adjusted keyword match types to ensure they attracted high-intent users. Additionally, we implemented strategic bidding strategies to optimize ad spend and target users most likely to convert at a lower cost. This combination of landing page optimization and campaign restructuring laid the groundwork for significant improvements in Maverick Aviation’s lead generation efforts.

The Result

Our data-driven approach for Maverick Aviation yielded impressive results. We slashed their cost-per-lead (CPL) by a staggering 230%, making their lead generation significantly more efficient. This achievement was further amplified by a 133% increase in landing page conversion rate, jumping from 3% to 7%.

The combined effect was a remarkable 3x increase in Maverick Aviation’s monthly lead flow, attracting a high volume of qualified potential pilots at a fraction of the previous cost. This surge in leads positioned them for substantial growth and solidified their position as a leading flight training provider.


CPL Reduced


Conversion Rate Increased


Lead Flow Increase Per Month

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