Spiking the no. of surgeries from 10 to 30+ per month

The Challenge

House of Doctors faced a critical challenge in scaling their surgical procedures. Stuck at a low volume of 10 surgeries per month, their current marketing efforts weren’t generating enough qualified leads interested in converting. This resulted in underperforming campaigns and an inability to attract the right patients seeking surgery. To achieve their ambitious goal of tripling monthly surgeries, a complete overhaul of their lead generation strategy was necessary.

The Solution

To propel House of Doctors from 10 to 30+ monthly surgeries, we implemented a data-driven lead generation strategy. We conducted a deep dive into their historical campaigns, meticulously analyzing over 60 Lacs (6 million) of ad spend and campaign data. This comprehensive analysis provided invaluable insights into their audience demographics, interests,and pain points. Equipped with this knowledge, we crafted highly targeted campaigns with compelling ad copy, ensuring maximum relevance and conversion potential.

The Result

Our data-driven approach for House of Doctors yielded remarkable results. Within just 3-4 months, we tripled their monthly surgeries, soaring from 10 to 30+. This significant increase translates to a dramatic boost in their surgical revenue.

But success goes beyond just quantity. We also improved the quality of inquiries by 20%, attracting patients who were highly qualified for surgery. This resulted in a substantial rise in OPD (Outpatient Department) visits per month, further propelling House of Doctors’ overall revenue and solidifying their position as a leading surgical provider.


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