From Low digital presence to dominating in Organic Ranking.

The Challenge

Helping Maverick, a brand new website, reach the top of Google search results was an uphill battle. They had little online presence before, which meant no one knew organically they existed. Their website wasn’t set up to capture leads from interested visitors. To top it off, the website lacked SEO content and clear calls to action, making it hard for visitors to understand what Maverick offered or what to do next.

The Solution

First, we revamped their website content, ensuring it was informative, engaging, and optimized for search engines. This included adding clear details about costs, semesters, and course structures, making it easy for students to understand Maverick’s offerings. We also created a series of educational blog posts packed with relevant information to guide students in their decision-making process. Finally, we implemented a targeted local SEO strategy, focusing on Maverick’s specific area to ensure their website wasn’t lost in a sea of irrelevant searches.

The Result

Our SEO strategy for Maverick delivered impressive results.  Their website dominated search rankings for pilot training courses in Mumbai, making them the go-to choice for local students.  This surge in organic visibility translated into a significant increase in qualified leads generated through both Google My Business and the website itself.  The informative blog posts we created began ranking well, raising brand awareness and driving even more traffic to Maverick’s website. Within a short timeframe, Maverick established itself as a top organic contender in Mumbai’s pilot training course searches.


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