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The Challenge

Boosting the Google ranking for GNH’s website presented a unique challenge.  They deal in high-end medications, a field with strict regulations regarding online content.  Adding or changing information about these medicines was simply not an option.  Further complicating matters, GNH had a massive product list exceeding 200,000 entries, all jumbled together without proper categorization.

The Solution

Despite the limitations with GNH’s website, we devised a strategic SEO approach. First, we employed a dynamic system to add SEO attributes to all 200,000+ product pages, ensuring proper indexing by search engines. Next, we meticulously mapped relevant keywords to each product page, focusing on those with high search intent – meaning people actively looking to purchase those specific medications. Finally, we implemented a system to guarantee regular indexing of all GNH’s web pages by search engines.

The Result

Our SEO intervention for GNH yielded significant results even within the constraints of the medical field. By dynamically optimizing all 200,000+ products, we witnessed a substantial boost in keyword rankings. This translated into a remarkable doubling of organic traffic to their website within just six months. Furthermore, the number of GNH’s pages indexed by search engines increased dramatically, improving their overall visibility.


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