Helped Manubhai Jewellers beat some of the biggest Name in Industry in Organic Rankings

The Challenge

Manubhai’s website presented a formidable SEO challenge. Built entirely from scratch, the codebase offered minimal room for speed optimization and content edits. Furthermore, SEO best practices were absent during development, necessitating significant structural changes. The website crammed lakhs of diverse categories under a single, repetitive title, further hindering search visibility. To top it off, Manubhai faced Goliath-sized competition – established brands dominating search results with robust PR and marketing strategies.

The Solution

Firstly, we implemented dynamic SEO attributes across the entire website, ensuring each page was optimized with minimal manual intervention. Next, we employed a meticulous Image SEO strategy, optimizing thousands of product images for search engines. This not only challenged the top brands’ ranking but also drove significant organic traffic through image searches. Finally, we restructured the website, separating the vast array of products into distinct, well-defined categories. This improved user experience and provided a clearer path for Google to understand and rank Manubhai’s extensive product range.

The Result

In just six months, our SEO work for Manubhai brought fantastic results. The number of people visiting their website from search engines doubled. We even managed to get over 200 keywords ranked on the first page of Google search results, even though they weren’t showing up before. Manubhai even beat out some of the biggest brands in very competitive areas. Organic ranking also meant more people visiting their stores and buying directly online, even from other countries!


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