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The Challenge

Vital Rental faced a steep SEO climb in Australia’s fiercely competitive rental marketplace.  Dominated by established players with vast resources, the search engine landscape presented a significant hurdle.  Further complicating matters, Vital Rental’s operations weren’t nationwide, limiting their potential reach.  Their existing website, while functional, lacked the polish and features to compete effectively with the industry giants.

The Solution

We equipped Vital Rental with a strategic SEO toolkit to navigate the competitive Australian landscape.  Firstly, we gave their website a complete makeover, revamping navigation and introducing dedicated pages for each equipment category.  This enhanced user experience and allowed for targeted content creation.  Next, we adopted a smart keyword strategy.  Instead of chasing high-competition keywords already dominated by industry giants, we meticulously researched and implemented a base of low-competition, high-intent keywords.

The Result

Furthermore, we optimized their Google My Business (GMB) profile, propelling them to the top of local map searches.  This one-two punch of targeted SEO and GMB dominance translated into a significant surge in qualified leads.


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